Brand and communications strategy, message testing, website design & development

Smithsonian Global

The Vision

Authentically elevate this hallowed international brand beyond the confines of museum walls.

The Challenges

  • busy, global teams coming together for common purpose
  • strict set of existing brand standards

  • government-regulated IT department

Results so Far

A gorgeous new website and a unified team behind it.

Guiding Insights

Bring the experts to the workshop.

  • Smithsonian_Workshops1One of the highlights of our workshop was the presence of 45 bio-conservation scientists, whose perspective guided everything from brand archetype to ultimate message.
  • SI Case Study Insights 2We simply asked why they do what they do — science can be dry until you hear each person’s story.
  • SI Case Study Insights 3These workshops were an investment in long-term collaboration — we all practiced “yes/and” thinking.

The Work

Unified messaging strategy and a cutting-edge, responsive website.

Often referred to as the nation’s attic, the Smithsonian is known globally for its 19 museums on the National Mall here in D.C. But they’re not just the world’s largest international museum complex, they’re also the world’s largest conservation organization.

With over 6500 of the world’s top experts working together on the world’s most challenging ecological, biological, and cultural issues, Smithsonian’s mission has always extended beyond the museum — but most people have no idea just how far.