Bindu Headshot Cropped

Bindu Mathew

Project Manager

    Bindu was born and raised in the DC area. With over 14 years of work and play in digital communications, social media consulting, and IT across sectors, she brings an essential, artful balance of flexibility and directness to her work as a PM. When not keeping projects and our team in line, you can likely find her listening to music, hanging out with her amazing friends, or spending quality time with her three awesome kids, superhero husband, and fabulous pets (one of which is a very sweet bearded dragon named — you guessed it — Beardo).

    Carter Headshot Cropped

    Carter Stowell

    Director of Project Management

      As Provoc’s Director of Project Management, Carter brings almost twenty years of experience successfully managing complex project teams. With a passion for data-driven strategy, user experience design and agile project management, Carter is certified as both a Project Management Professional by PMI and ScrumMaster by Scrum Alliance. Before Provoc, Carter built his foundation in web work at Wired Digital, where he provided production and project management for and

      Cory Headshot Cropped

      Cory Osborn

      Senior Designer

        Cory has worked as a design strategist, commercial illustrator and graphic designer for over 20 years including 11 years at Provoc. His education includes studying traditional and digital art at UC Santa Barbara and graphic design at the Corcoran College of Art and Design.

        Ellen Headshot Cropped

        Ellen Roche

        Lead Strategist

          Ellen is a seasoned storyteller and brand strategist — her expertise combines deep knowledge of effective education techniques with a passion for narrative and creative writing. At Provoc, she leads branding and marketing campaigns and has a particular interest in root-cause issues (climate change, campaign finance, structural inequity). Prior to joining Provoc, Ellen led Free Range’s branding department, taught in DC public schools, and worked for several human rights nonprofits.

          Erica Headshot Cropped

          Erica Priggen Wright

          Lead Strategist

            Erica has a passion for bringing change-making media and communications to life, developing creative work through a strategic lens while using empathy as a guiding principle. With over a decade of experience creating powerful media campaigns, Erica has perfected her ability to manage teams and generate high-level collaboration with a highly intuitive, creative process. Her impressive resume prior to joining the Provoc team most recently includes production for almost a decade at Free Range, as well as freelance consulting as an executive creative producer and strategist in the San Francisco Bay area.

            Mile Headshot Cropped

            Mile Curcic

            VP, Interactive

              Mile has over 17 years of professional experience in online strategy, user experience design and technology. His primary roles are leading discovery workshops, research and analysis, strategy, user experience design and development oversight.

              Raj Headshot Cropped

              Raj Aggarwal

              Founder, Lead Strategist

                Raj has over twenty years of experience as a communications and technology strategist, leveraging his skills and expertise to foster social change. He has worked with over 400 nonprofits and socially responsible businesses on a variety of projects, including internal and external branding, marketing and customer engagement.

                As founder, Raj keeps Provoc rooted in empathy-driven work by establishing partnerships with values-aligned, visionary leaders.

                Vanice Headshot Cropped

                Vanice Dunn

                Brand Lead

                  Vanice hails from years of experience working directly with members of various nonprofits, so she’s all about participation. She leads internal process development, guides new clients into our pipeline of work and works as a strategist on brand and communications projects.

                  Will Headshot Cropped

                  Will Coyle

                  Senior Designer, CEO

                    Will has twenty years of experience as a creative professional, with a strong background in brand development. He is an accomplished artist and designer, balancing functionality, intuitive content delivery, and visually compelling aesthetics.