Get Out the Vote Campaign for Young Black, Indigenous and People of Color 18-35

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The Kellogg Racial Equity Anchor Collaborative comprised of Demos, NAACP, Unidos, National Council Of American Indians, Race Forward, Advancement Project, National Urban League and Faith in Action have come together to build on 2018 GOTV for young People of Color that contributed to the largest voter turnout for young people of color in history. This is the only multicultural/multiracial GOTV campaign for 2020 focused on messages of solidarity and unity. We’ll be turning out GOTV messaging that any business or organization can share on their channels.

Learn about the strategy here. Find Weekly Posts here and share your email to be on the weekly distribution list.

NAACP Black Voices Change Lives

Help mobilize Black voters. Our lives depend on it.

As a volunteer, you’ll call and/or text Black voters and encourage them to use their power at the ballot box.

In the fall, we’ll send contact information for up to 20 infrequent voters in your community across 12 Battleground States.

If you do not identify as Black, you are still welcome to volunteer with us. Our goal is to increase Black community participation. We welcome everyone’s participation that supports that goal.

Sierra Club Independent Action

 Writing Climate Letters! 1,000,000 MILLION LETTERS TO SEND

It’s time we elect leaders who will put our communities and our climate ahead of special interests and big polluters. We have 1,000,000 MILLION LETTERS TO SEND. We will be writing letters together all week with daily letter writing trainings, during our weekly team letter writing party, and gathering together with volunteers and their pens across the country for our virtual letter writing team brunch!

And, Still I Vote

Your right to vote is being taken away. Take action to protect our right to vote!

2020 is the election of our lifetime. Your right to vote is being taken away. Between 2016-2018 over 17 Million people had their right to vote removed. Sign up and you can make sure every voice is heard.

Receive periodic emails on what you can do today and inform your family and friends. The system is being rigged – from closing polling places in Black communities to wrongfully erasing low-income voters, seniors, and college students.