Why work with Provoc?

Provoc partners with visionary leaders working at the nexus of human and planetary health, human rights and economic justice, and democracy and movement building. Our strategies come to life in the form of brands, marketing campaigns, and successful online/offline movements.

Our Approach


We help our clients understand key opportunities, patterns, and challenges through a variety of empathy-driven research methodologies that set us up to design powerful solutions by the people, for the people.


We focus on brand, campaign and marketing strategies that drive powerful outcomes.

Whether you want to re-brand your organization, win a major advocacy campaign, elect a candidate or strengthen a movement, all our work begins by defining your target outcomes and charting a path to reach them.


Design that is by the people, for the people, relies on a clear vision. We bring vision to fruition across a range of creative collateral and media platforms.

User Experience

By the people, for the people means meeting audiences where they’re at, and building the a seamless journey from their perspective to meet their needs.


Outcome-driven design leverages the latest technology. We help our clients track and plan for the best solutions.


We specialize in creating segmented, data-driven health registries to reach your target audiences and drive outcomes.

Issue Areas

Human & Planetary Health

Climate change not only threatens to disrupt a fragile global ecosystem, but it exacerbates existing inequities, including the way vital resources are distributed. Our species is in the midst of a profound existential crisis, but we believe we have everything we need to re-build our world’s systems to support our population and protect our beautiful planet. We seek clients who restore vital ecosystems, build sustainably with vulnerable communities and accelerate our planet’s renewable energy future.

Human Rights & Economic Justice

You may call it equity. Or anti-racism. Or social justice. Or civil and human rights. Regardless of your starting point, we seek partnerships with clients who work to dramatically improve people’s lives by dismantling the root causes of inequity. We believe that tackling this challenge means redesigning our economic and social systems so that they no longer benefit the wealthy at the expense of basic rights and the common good.

Democracy & Movement-building

American democracy is still in its infancy — and this imperfect experiment has been emulated by people all over the world. We believe that the era of Donald Trump is a test of our democratic ideals, and our progressive community must rise to the occasion to strengthen and defend them. For too long, “non-profits” and “issue advocacy” have been saddled with outdated and underfunded strategies and digital tools. We seek innovative partners ready to leverage strategy, design and storytelling to drive our political movements forward.

We believe that empathy
unlocks everything – and it
drives us from discovery
to launch.

“We didn’t know exactly what we wanted, but you listened to everything we said and gave us exactly what we needed.”

  • Matt Brown World Learning