The Vision

Adopting an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens, B Lab charts a path forward by confronting some critical questions: “What is the greater good we’re driving toward, and who will benefit?”

The Challenges

How can a white-led organization adopt an authentic and explicit commitment to racial equity and encourage an entire sector to do the same? By fully acknowledging its blind spots and committing itself to radical transparency, B Lab aims to move beyond the once controversial idea of a triple bottom line–people, planet, profit–toward a more comprehensive vision: people, planet, profit, and purpose. A global leader in conscious capitalism, B Lab pushes the enter social impact sector forward by putting equity at the center of its work.

Ready to Talk?

Results so Far

Our work together has equipped B Lab with the tools to model transparency about the organization’s equity, diversity, and inclusion journey. Some highlights of that journey include:


The Work

Guided by a thoughtful narrative strategy, B Lab embraced radical transparency and launched a public-facing communications campaign to share lessons its leaders and team members had learned in their equity, diversity, and inclusion work. To achieve any degree of authenticity, external communications about equity had to be rooted internally within the organization’s own culture and conversations. Deeply aware of this sometimes challenging truth, B Lab’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee sought support on strategic communications, organizational development, and ad hoc initiatives, all with an eye toward amplifying B Lab’s impact as leader in conversations about people, planet, profit, and purpose.

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“We worked with Provoc (B Corp since 2007), an outside equity and communications consultant, to ensure we had an expert perspective on the most productive way to communicate our findings and resulting actions to our whole team.”

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