The Vision

Local economy ecosystems that meet the basic needs of all people, support just and democratic societies, and foster joyful community life.

The Challenge

Developing a website and messaging strategy that supports and inspires BALLE Fellows and local communities in their new economy work, while demonstrating a nationally connected movement and theory of change.

Ready to Talk?

Results so Far

A website illuminating solutions underway and providing the tools and resources our audience is looking for.

  • 140 virtual and in-person work sessions
  • 8% increase in site visits in only 60 days
  • 24% increase in pageviews in only 60 days

Guiding Insights

Grow the movement with increasing levels of engagement.

  • Paint the vision of something greater by orienting localism as part of the new economy movement.
  • BALLEEncourage connection and collaboration by focusing on the community/ecosystem of support.
  • Inspire pragmatic, grounded action by providing tangible tools and resources needed to build localist businesses.

The Work

Cutting-edge, responsive website and unified messaging strategy.

Provoc partnered with BALLE to promote proven models and a framework that builds healthy, equitable local economies. Building on a history of organizing independent businesses, BALLE was ready for a communications evolution, and a website that could better engage their Local Economy Fellows, community foundations and investors who come together to create an economy that works for all.

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