Equity Institute Website Redesign

The Vision

Educators, administrators, parents, caregivers, students, and families join hands to build an antiracist education system dedicated to helping each student claim their place in the world through a strong sense of self and meaningful connection to those around them.

The Challenges

Working in the education space, Equity Institute needed a website that met the needs of a range of users – educators, school leaders, families, and policy makers, to name a few. We sought a design-forward look for the site, with features and information architecture that put the full range of Equity Institute resources within easy reach. Certain design elements from the old site were central to the Equity Institute story – giving them a fresh, relevant look for the new site was a key priority.

Ready to Talk?

Results so Far

With enerizing visuals and well-defined pathways for user engagement, the new Equity Institute website clearly conveys a sense of purpose and passion. Inequity in education is a serious problem, and the new site presents Equity Institute as a serious partner in addressing this challenge.  From a fresh take on a “equality vs. equity” graphic to UX optimized for Equity Institute’s theory of change, the new site skips cookie-cutter approaches in favor of a design and build uniquely suited to this bold and visionary organization.