The Vision

Investing in businesses run and led by women and people of color yields significant social and financial returns. The Impact Seat’s inclusive innovation model shows that real prosperity comes when we make risk, reward, and opportunity available to everyone.

The Challenges

The Impact Seat came to us pursuing multiple objectives with overlapping timelines: launch an eye-catching splash page as quickly as possible to capture leads for their new venture, while simultaneously building sites with full-fledged design and functionality for the company’s consulting and investing arms. With the two sides of the business adopting different approaches to tone and style, we needed to establish a common overall aesthetic that could allow for unique expressions of a shared identity.

Ready to Talk?

Results so Far

Flexing every bit of our creative and UX muscle, we seamlessly integrated The Impact Seat’s brand story into an expressive and thoughtful visual language that effectively conveys their core idea: where women lead, we all thrive.

This project pushed us to explore what’s possible within the confines of a single overarching brand identity: drawing on a set of shared design elements, we brought the investing side’s spirit of innovation to life through a fresh, youthful aesthetic, while a more  buttoned-up, conservative look was appropriate for the consulting side and its more conventional value proposition.