NAACP Civic Engagement Program: Black Voices Change Lives

The Vision

Black Voices Change Lives was designed to activate the authentic, existing power of Black people. We recruited a flood of volunteers to mobilize voters through a visually bold, exciting web platform that centered the act of voting as a means of claiming power and building movements.

The Challenges

Within a week, build and bring to life a web presence for Black Voices Change Lives, a Black- led movement to engage Black voters for the future of Black America. Following a lightning-fast build-and-launch timeline, the challenges multiplied. Numerous partner organizations joined to amplify the campaign and we collaborated to share Black Voices Change Lives with their audiences. The NAACP Civic Engagement program continuously evolved its website over multiple iterations to keep pace with the surprises of the 2020 election cycle: shifting COVID protocols, vote-counting delays, and the January Senate runoffs.


Keep it moving! With our campaign name, tagline, messaging, and design concept nailed in the first week, we re-launched on multiple occasions as campaign priorities shifted from recruiting volunteers to GOTV to staying the course during vote-counting and finally, closing strong for the GA runoffs. We stood up individual landing pages featuring custom integrations for partners ranging from HBCUs to Billie Eilish and numerous Black fraternities and sororities. With user research to fine-tune messaging and custom dashboards to share results with stakeholders, we continually invested resources and creativity to improve performance.

Ready to Talk?

Results so Far

The site achieved 10-15% conversion rates and signed up over 52,000 volunteers to support voter mobilization efforts of all kinds.

Deep partnership and collaboration with NAACP and its partner organizations helped develop a platform to enlist volunteers by amplifying an important truth: Black voters aren’t on the fringes of the democratic process – their engagement IS the process. By recruiting Black voters to make calls, drive neighbors to the polls, or report issues on Election Day, Black Voices Change Lives contributed to historic turnout among voters of color in the 2020 election. It also gave NAACP a platform to match its reputation as the leading mobilizer and activator of Black people in the US.

The Work