The Vision

Build from the narrative theme ‘Controlling Your Own Destiny,’ to illustrate the role Planned Parenthood plays in the lives of millions of women from all walks of life.

The Challenge

How can we transform a standard non-profit communication — the dreaded annual report — into a collection of stories that spark even deeper engagement from donors and supporters? While bringing this project to life, we navigated the challenge of creating a story-driven narrative that was compelling enough to combat the myths around the services and care Planned Parenthood provides. It was important to move the focus from “sex” and “abortion” to “health,” showcasing the organization as one dedicated to a lifetime of care.

Ready to Talk?

Results so Far

  • Strategic marketing and messaging platform for all online and offline communications
  • Revenue-generating publication for distribution
  • Increased awareness of PPM to targeted partners and funders

Guiding Insights

  • Sex is something that affects us throughout our lives; Planned Parenthood provides a lifetime of care.
  • “Whole life, whole person, whole service.”
  • Connecting with our audience by cataloguing impact via real experiences of real people can help to remove fabricated stigma of an organization.

The Work

Through a narrative-driven communication strategy, the piece not only told the stories of clients and donors, it spoke to Planned Parenthood’s indispensable role in American communities. In addition to a printed direct mailer displaying annual report content, we also created an interactive version.

“So–first–this is AMAZING! Fantastic work.”

  • David Hale Vice President for External Relations, Planned Parenthood of Maryland