Culture Meets Data, A Love Story?

If one could reach into dust and pull out a diamond, then what is the value per shipload of dust? So it is with big data, and all of its dull sparkle ...

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By Carter Stowell, Data Analytics, Lead Strategist

Better Data, Better Volunteering

One of the biggest challenges facing volunteer organizations is the ability to effectively manage multiple events across a plethora of programs. Organ ...

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By Lane Trisko, Director of Digital and Data Strategy

Getting Outside the Choir

What do you get when you bring together a starred general from the U.S. military, thought-leaders from Silicon Valley, social impact strategists from ...

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By Erica Priggen Wright, Co-CEO

Vulnerability in Business

Over 18 years developing kickass marketing and communications work for social change organizations and businesses, I’ve learned a lot about who clie ...

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By Raj Aggarwal, President

Pivot Points: Election Night

This is the first post in our series “Pivot Points,” where Ellen Roche shares her first-draft ideas for the future of progressive messaging strate ...

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By Ellen Roche, Lead Strategist

Beyond Content: Intentional Facilitation

As I was preparing to lead an upcoming workshop, I spent a lot of time doing deep thinking about content. What did I want people to leave the room wit ...

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By Vanice Dunn, Director of Partnership & Equity